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Our Pitch

Take a moment to hear what Dancing Frame means to us, and why its important that you support it.

Modes of Operation

The frame can be operated in 3 different modes and switching between modes can be done by clicking the jog dial


Watch the illusion of slow moving object.

Distortion Mode

The object movement looks distorted for a human eye.


Study/ Read Mode

A flicker free light, with no effect and sound. Suitable for reading.

Off Mode


Crowdfunding Deadline

All aboard ...... Get Set .....


The Journey of Dancing Frame

Inception (March 2017)

I have always been a fan of illusions and slow motion whether it might be on TimeWarp or on SlowMo Guys., and seeing it on the Jeff Lieberman kickstarter project SlowDance...,pushed me to try and do one on my own.

1st ProtoType (May 2017)

The prototypes were built on a makeshift wodden planks

2nd Prototype (June 2017)

The second prototype is when we started our hunt for manufacturers as the finished product lacked the cosmetic look for a showcase piece

3rd Proto & Ivari (July 2017)

By the iteration of 3rd prototype we had finalized our manufacturing partner to be IvariMotors who had skilled manpower to deliver quality products on time

Crowdfunding (August 2017)

We thought of sharing the joy of dancing frame with people across the globe and decided on a crowdfunding campaign

Product Delivery (Nov 2017)

On success of the crowd funding camapaign we will be shipping our loyal backers the perks they deserve with a thankful note.


Any light weight object that can be inserted into the vibrating arms of the frame can be used. We have observed that the best effect can be felt with leaves, flowers, feathers, grass and Origami.

The frame is best meant for indoor conditions and the effect is based on the LED strobe lights embedded in the frame. The effect is greatly weakened and hard to notice when the intensity of embedded light is weaker than the external light sources (Sunlight) around it. However the ambient light below a 60w incandescent light source don't affect the performance of the frame.

Yes. We'll provide "No question asked" warranty for 3 months. The warranty doesn't involve physical damage due to mishandling.

No. Dancing Frame works on the direct AC supply.

We can't say No., but so far we haven't found a case which suggests that.

Its less than < 30dB .., so very very quite.

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